Website Quote

Get an instant ball park figure for your website project.

  • Design

  • Your logo is the cornerstone of your website, to a certain extent it defines how your website is designed. If you don't already have a logo we can arrange for one to be designed for you. The charge for logo design is £249.
  • Examples of sites built using the Responsive Framework can be found here, Commercial themes can be purchased from Theme Forest. Bespoke design means either your graphic designer or our graphic designer will create the design and we will turn it into a bespoke WordPress theme for your use.
  • Content

  • We'll build the first 5 pages of your website included in the price, if you want to add more now we'll charge an additional £50 per page.

    Remember the site is a content management system so you can add more content at a later date.
  • Nobody knows your business as well as you do and we'll add any content you provide us digitally (email, word etc), however a copywriter can often help you get the message across better. Using a copywriter will add £45 per page.
  • We can provide templates and add pages for the various legal documents you should have on your site. These templates will need customising by you and provision of the templates does not constitute legal advice.
  • Functionality

  • Integrating your contact forms with your (new/or existing) email marketing platform will save you time and ensure you don't miss out on potential clients.
  • Adding eCommerce allows you to sell products online, We'll include standard shopping cart functionality, Product Categories, add up to 100 products and 10 categories and integrate with either PayPal or Stripe.
  • A members area allows you or your users to create accounts and log into your website in order to access content that is not available to the general public.
  • Training

  • Price based on training at your venue within 50 miles of Manchester City Centre, venues further afield may incur and additional charge.
  • Estimated Price

  • Your details

How long is a piece of string?*

When faced with the question how much does a website cost its not unusual to get the response how long is a piece of string. It’s a tongue in cheek way of pointing out that the price of a website can vary as much as the length of a piece of string.

The thing that decides how much a website is going to cost is the length of time it will take to build, so if you can get an idea upfront of exactly what a client wants, you can write a specification, calculate how many hours, multiple that by an hourly rate and there you have it, the cost to build that website.

The problem with this is the length of time it takes and the amount of back and forth, don’t get me wrong this is certainly the right way to do it, but often in the early stages a client is looking for more of a ball park figure than something that is set in stone.

With that in mind, and as I’m a big fan of being open and honest I’ve put together the calculator that you see on this page. Choose the options you need/want and as you go the price of your website will be calculated for you.

Give it a try, if you like what you see add you’re contact details, hit “Submit” and we can have a chat and see where we go from here.

* Twice the length from the middle to the end.