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This is where I put things n’ test stuff*.

* Don’t be supprised if stuff is broken.

With over 20 years of experience working in Tech & marketing Andy has worn many hats.

Outside of work, Andy enjoys movies, video games, board games, camping, walking the dog and making things.


Doing geeky stuff since…

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What is Jasper AI
Tentbox Awning
I have worked in digital marketing for almost 25 Years having had a number of rolls but now focusing on helping small businesses to gain more customers through our work at Kuiper Industries.
  • WEB DESIGN – 24 Years 100% 100%
  • Community Development – 5 Years 25% 25%
  • Training – 15 Years 75% 75%
  • Print/Promo Marketing – 5 Years 25% 25%