About Me

Me in a nutshell

Andy Powell

Hi, I’m Andy… I’m a WordPress specialist and digital trainer who has worked with companies including Madlab, Costa Coffee and the NHS to help people make the most of the internet.

I have built, maintained, and marketed 1000's of websites ranging from brochures for SME’s to marketing tools for a cartoon mouse. I’ve supported & trained businesses, non-profits, charities, and individuals on topics including WordPress, SEO, Google Analytics, 3d printing and Virtual Reality.

My Experience

  1. IT & Infrastructure - 20 Years
  2. Web Development - 15 Years
  3. WordPress- 12 Years
  4. Business Development - 10 Years
  5. Community Development - 6 Years
  6. Maker Movement - 5 Years

In 2014 I won the Pride in Oldham award for my work in founding Hack Oldham, a community owned co-working and maker space.

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  • Andy has constantly delivered exceptional work, on time and on budget, His wealth of experience and knowledge has proved time and again to be invaluable.- Colin McEwen - Solicitor - MACs Legal Services Ltd
  • Hands down mate, you guys are one of the best things to happen to Oldham.- Chris Doyle - Managing Director - Hub Projects
  • Andy's workshops have always been popular his engaging teaching style always results in overwhelmingly positive feedback.- Victoria Varley - Library Development Officer - Oldham Libraries
  • An interesting human being- Jon Bloor - Oldham Council - Economic Policy Development and Commissioner
  • full of amazingly-good ideas!!!- Ruth Major - #1PeiceOfRubbish
  • I attended the Wordpress course on 25 April & 2 May. It was an excellent course and, as a result, I'm confident that I have the basics to enable me to do what I need to do and to use what I've learnt to improve and to build my skill levels.- Mike Walton - Middlewich Heritage Trust
  • Thanks to @madlabuk & @p0welly for our second Wordpress workshop for NW museums, demystifying the terminology. We now know that plug-ins are not air fresheners and slugs aren’t little slimy creatures...- Museum Developments Northwest